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Truth behind injury

Specifically, my injury. I can’t and won’t talk about another persons injury – as if!

So, a few years ago, I came off a horse, I thought we would be continuing to the right of a bush, my horse decided at the last moment, to go left. I had a Hollywood worthy pitch over her head, landing first on my head and then on my booty (which luckily has plenty of padding). The worst thing was a. realising the other 2 riders hadn’t noticed, and secondly… most importantly to me …. how the hell was I going to get back on…. Yikes. But I managed it – I have years of experience of adjusting stirrups on the hoof so we didn’t hang around.

I didn’t really think much of it for the rest of the hack, I had bigger things to worry about, but once I got off… oh boy! Every part of my felt bruised. So off i went to the pub and enjoyed the rest of my afternoon.

Wow that was a short blog!


But that wasn’t what I wanted to write about – shortly after my stunt dive, I developed a lump on the arch of my left foot. I am the worlds worst patient and will only go to my doctor when it becomes borderline fatal. But after six weeks, a pea sized lump was on my foot, and I couldn’t walk properly. So off I go to the GP…. I get fobbed off and asked to wait another 6 weeks. I go back to the GP and get told that I need to book an apt with another doctor at the surgery who would remove the lump under local anesthetic. Not a good patient, remember? So off I got to reception and book in an apt and duly attend in another couple of weeks for – what I thought – was an apt to remove the lump. But no, I am instead referred to my local podiatry department – another 6 weeks waiting, still not entirely sure what is going on… now I am going to have to cut this short because it is already ridiculous. I go to podiatry, I have a steroid injection directly into the lump. I go back for a follow up after 6 weeks, and get told that the injection should have been in my ankle… After another 6 weeks I go back to the GP because at each stage I had had a different diagnosis. At this point having already seen 5 medical professions, I finally see a doctor who can diagnose the issue and give me advice. Great.

During this time i have continued with my dancing, classes, workouts and walking (I walk for at least an hour a day to and from work) and consequently have managed to cause irreparable damage to the tendon on my foot, congratulations to me. It was certainly a combination of not understanding what the cause was, what the injury was, and certainly not having the right information on how to best treat it.


So what does that mean for me now? Well frankly it means chronic pain in my foot, whereas I had previously had pain on getting up after being stationary for a while thanks to the plantar fasciitus, now I often find it painful and tender on the side and top of my foot, difficult to negotiate stairs, sudden onset of pain. Basically every step I take is painful, with the added bonus pain. It means that I stopped dancing, I quit high impact, and I slowed down.

What else does it mean….it means, that I got fat. I mean I was never thin, I was not skinny, but I had toned and honed my body so that I didn’t hate looking at it, that I would wear a body con dress and feel happy. But you know what, diet? Yeah you can have a questionable diet when you are burning those calories, but the moment you stop? Yeah that.

Blue Weights, Green Apple, and Tape Measure

Things change, I used to run long distance as a teenager, worked with animals as long as I could remember, dancing has always been part of my life, but when you grown up, things change. Your body changes. What doesn’t change is your responsibility to your body. I am fat, I am not happy about it. And yes, I can say that I stopped my usual forms of exercise because of injury, certainly if I hadn’t had the injury I am unlikely to have stopped.

But equally, I could have paid more attention to what I was (am) eating, I could have made sure that I wasn’t putting in more energy than was being expended, especially as my job has become more and more sedimentary. I certainly should have looked at alternative forms of exercise. But I didn’t.


This is what I am trying to say is that IT HAS TO STOP – I have literally no excuse, the pain is chronic, it won’t get better, I put up with it daily so I can damned well put up with it during some classes. With that in mind, I have signed up to a new local dance class, and I am hoping to go to a skate class as well. And you know, if the pain gets all that bad, I could even pop an anti-inflamatory…

No more excuses people, this girl, can and will stop hiding being the injury. It isn’t what makes me, it won’t be what kills me.



So … I am not sure if you have ever come accross reflexology, so before i introduce, and indeed review Steve Hunt, here is a brief history, provided on the Association of Reflexologists home page

A brief history of reflexology

Whilst the art of reflexology dates back to Ancient Egypt, India and China, this therapy was not introduced to the West until Dr William Fitzgerald developed ‘Zone therapy’. He believed that reflex areas on the feet and hands were linked to other areas and organs of the body within the same zone.

In the 1930’s, Eunice Ingham further developed this zone theory into what is known as reflexology. Her opinion was that congestion or tension in any part of the foot is mirrored in the corresponding part of the body


Reflexology is a therapy that involves pressure placed on parts of your body, foot, ankle, face and ears. Some of you may had experienced the pressing of pressure points when having facials or even eye brow tidying. 

So really, it is a really, really, in depth foot massage. And who doesn’t … okay… yes.. you, right there in the cream jumper? Sorry! But they are amazing! Sorry you don’t like feet! 

I have had reflexology before, and it has helped me a lot – I have a few problems with my feet, up to, and not excluding my insistence that shoes are evil and spending as much time as possible, barefoot. And now I sound like a hippy… sorry ‘free spirit’ !

As I have said, this was not my first experience of reflexology, but for a few reasons I stopped going, so I jumped at the chance to have a taster evening at my friends home. If you are interested in organising a girls (or boys) night in with a difference, have a look at his home page

Reflexology for me, is like many other treats we use to pamper ourselves, it is about time out, relaxation, switching off. So it is about environment as much as anything else. The reason I would go for a reflexology session over another therapy session is that … it is a more overall well being session. You can of course discuss any target/problem areas, anything that is worrying you. But unlike … say a massage, where you relax but find that it will have concentrated on that sore shoulder, you genuinely feel like you are walking on air after a session of reflexology. 


What happens at your first session? Well I had my taster session with Steve at a friend’s home ,so I can’t comment on his usual set up. But he has a reflexology chair (which I joking called expensive garden furniture – whoops) and made an effort to provide a calming environment, candles, soft music, and plenty of cushions and covers to help you stay comfortable. I am one of the worst at relaxing, and will chat or plot, go through my to do list, write blogs, in my mind while  I am supposed to relax. But it is relaxing and you are put at ease. I found that Steve went for a light pressure technique when he was working, unlike my last reflexologist. Neither method is better or worse but it might be something to consider when looking at therapies. In the same way some massage therapy goes deep into those knots, and some just concentrate overall. It will be a personal preference. 

Steve is very knowledgeable, he really does seem to enjoy his job, he explains every step of the process to you, what he is using, the methods, the reasoning, the equipment at every step of the way. He has a calm and relaxing manner which does certainly help. So, if you do want to give it a go, it will be worth having a look – his website is mentioned earlier, this is his facebook page and he even did a piece for LifeStyle:MK about how he got into reflexology : Lifestyle:MK New Year, New You