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feline persuasion

So, over the past few months i have written about a number of topics ranging from my rather public wig addition, my out of control love of nylon and I have discussed makeup, how wonderful it is, done a couple of walk through for you. And I have thrown in the odd photo of my cat.

Barbeque. It is surprising that I have managed to last this long without writing about him. I have taken a little break (sorry!) which was much needed as I was suffering over the last couple of months. Not really taking a day off for 4 months will do that to a girl! 


But I am straying from the point of the post, which is my cat – whoops! I understand that not everyone likes cats, but I am assuming anyone who hates cats will have twigged before stage that this is not the article for them! 

So, a little bio I guess is in order – I bought Barbeque just over 10 years ago now. When I first met my partner, he had a cat which was sadly run over. When I moved in with him, I begged him to let me have a cat and eventually her agreed to this – on the condition that it is a male cat. He didn’t really go into it more than neutering is less invasive. So the hunt was on. 

Eventually I saw a post in the local pet shop, called the number and arranged to go pick up the only male kitten. Now – I know it sounds ironic for me to be saying this on the back of previous blog posts – so I should explain. At the we were living about the family shop in a flat with no real access to and from, near a main road. We knew we would not be granted a rescue cat.


We got to the address, and went through to the kitchen, near the door was a box with 2 very inquisitive tabby kittens, and at the other end of the kitchen was the mother and a black kitten studiously ignoring up from the top of the scratching post. One of the tabby kittens planted herself on Pete’s show and started doing her level best to tie herself onto it. Yes, both the tabby kittens were female. Our cat was the one on the scratching post. It broke my heart not to take the kitten attached to Pete’s show. I would have done, had I bought more money with me. We left with a black kitten bundled into my coat – at 10 weeks he was still tiny.

When we got home, we set everything up in the living room, there being plenty of room for him to explore and allowing us to keep an eye on him. And it was heart breaking watching him and listening to him look for his mother. 


I didn’t know what to call him, and we got him to the vet within a week … so he was registered as Bob…. not inspiring really… shortly after, I was sitting with him in the living room trying out other names, Pete was (and still is to a degree) convinced he was deaf as he refused to respond. So I rattled off names, in the hope he would acknowledge on of them (scene very similar to the movie Beethoven) and I was getting frustrated, and threaten to Barbeque him …. well the rest is history I guess?! For the record, he still does his level best to ignore Pete. Which I have pointed out, is an entirely male habit so he has only his self to blame. 

Fairly sure the cats ears were burning has he has just come back in from making sure everything is in order in the garden, and is curled up next to me. I got a Notebook for Christmas which allows me to do a lot more of my work from the comfort of my living room. The added benefit, is not only comfort, but my cat not shouting at me for being out of place. But that is for another blog post! 

I will write more on my silly old bag puss, but for now, wee will love you and leave you.


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Pets, insurance ensured to confuse!

As I mentioned on a recent show, I feel strongly that it is important to insure your pet. While you will hopefully never need to make a claim, they are a member of the family and should be treated as such. It is something that I feel strongly about, as I would hate to find myself in a position, not able to look after my cat.


But it is a minefield to figure out what type of insurance is best for your particular pet, so it is certainly worth shopping around a little!

Which have produced a guide to help you through the minefield, with reviews of the top insurers : http://www.which.co.uk/money/insurance/reviews-ns/pet-insurance-reviews/

If you are rescuing a pet, most shelters will offer a month insurance to cover you while you get settled in, and this gives you room to shop around and see if it is the best insurance for you. When I bought Barbeque, we were given 2 months at his first checkup which was great. I didn’t really understand much about insurance in general, let alone insuring an animal at the time so I continued with the insurance company initially.


It wasn’t until I was approached while shopping, and realised I was paying twice as much as I needed to pay, that i realised I should be shopping around. Barbeque is now 10 years old, and I have only switched 3 times, you can of course change much more often, and I certainly encourage you to look around, make sure that you are getting the best deal.


There are things to consider when looking at pet insurance, like any really, check the excess on the claims. Sometimes premium can seem really low, however the excess on any claims might be higher so it isn’t cost effective if, touch wood, you do need to claim.

Another thing to look at is what is included in your insurance – do they pay directly to the vet or do you need to claim? Not everyone has the means to pay large vet bills – so this is another consideration when choosing.

What you need to think about as well, the level of insurance, do you just want a basic cover, would you like accidental damage (for example you new fur buddy getting into your neighbour’s house and redecorating their curtains), will you be going abroad with your pet?


And now, what you really don’t want to have to think about, but what is important – the level of care when it comes to ongoing claims. This will affect the premium, but you should give it some thought before making a commitment. When it comes to claiming for an ongoing problem, say where medication and visits, possibly diagnostic testing, therapeutic treatments needed. You can either opt for a one off payment to help cover, or ongoing. You can opt for lifetime, or non lifetime cover – non lifetime will have a set amount that they will pay out. Once this has been reached, no further payments will be made. Lifetime cover is more expensive but will continue to pay out for the lifetime of the pet – your premiums will go up as well but you have to work out what you can afford to pay both short and long term.


There is something else to consider when looking at insurance – the length of the insurance, some will not cover over a certain age. I didn’t realise this when I was shopping around a couple of years ago, there are policies that will not pay out of your cat is considered ‘senior’ which is typically where insurance is concerned, 8 years old. So please make sure as your cat gets older, your insurance will continue to cover!

One really REALLY important piece of advice – READ the paper work when you do choose an insurance policy – there is a lot hidden in the small print. Make sure you keep up to date with boosters, chip your pet. You need to make sure you are doing everything you can to protect your animal.

But on a more positive note, because there is a lot of competition it is worth checking to see if you can get a like for like (or better) cheaper elsewhere, and your own company might match the premium, I would keep an eye because they can sneak up if you aren’t paying attention. But it also means that you can get added extras for free – for example, my insurance company offers a 24/7 telephone service so you can speak to a vet if there is anything you are concerned about.

And because I don’t want you to think I am bias, here are my hamsters, Pumpkin and Charlie – both of whom were adopted – remember it isn’t just larger animals that can be adopted 🙂



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