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Beauty is only skin deep

Beauty, or its perception is a very personal thing. It is taste. This will be down the individual, it can be environmental, what you were bought up around, it can be cultural. But I digress.

I am working in collaboration with a friend and fellow (albeit infinitely more talented) makeup artist, Wechselbalg (find him on facebook) to bring to life some concepts inspired by the Hansel and Gretel : Witchhunters film. To this end, I selected the Desert Witch as my first witch.

The image I have included with this blog is the unedited image I uploaded to Instagram last night. It got some positive comments on it – which of course delighted me. But it also made me think about the perception of beauty within our own and other societies. I was told that I look pretty, amazing, beautiful. But… and this is really what I am trying to get it. Is it really me that they are complimenting or my work.

I call myself a makeup artist although I have no formal qualification. I do however, use makeup as my artistic medium and outlet. So, if we take it as a compliment of my work, I am honoured. I am very pleased with the way it turned out. I was lucky that the weather was bright and worked in my favour.

However, the other interpretation is that they are saying that I, am pretty. And it feels wrong. I cannot really accept this as a compliment. And please let me explain why.. take a moment to look at the picture. I am wearing a wig (which I customised), blue contact lenses, self tan, and a bucket load of makeup. So .. there is nothing in the photo that makes me, me. I am the canvass a painter starts off with before applying paint.

And this is the point that bothers me. Is skin truly only skin deep. Am I only pretty when I have so many layers of makeup, my own mother wouldn’t recognise. This is a difficult topic as clearly, I do love makeup and apply it at times, with wanton abandon. And yes, it makes me feel beautiful, I love looking at the mirror, and seeing what I have created. I don’t want to bring the patriarchal or feminist gaze into this. Really, makeup is a personal thing, wear it, don’t wear it. Throw it on with a trowel, go natural. If it makes you happy, then really whether someone is hitting like on it, count it as a bonus and not a comment on you as a person. They are liking the art created?!

Strange…. made … up

So .. this is my first proper blog post. This is an old account for for some reason I have never posted any of the articles. I hope that this is going to become a good habit of mine and it won’t go back to gathering dust.

So with that In mind I thought this would be a little …. insight to me and my life, what makes me tick.

Since I am linking this to my make up page, let us start there. How did I get started with make up? How does anyone get started, of course I first experimented as a girl. I remember saving up and picking colours I really liked and slathering them onto my face. But I have to be honest, it was never something I felt entirely confident with.

As a teenager I fell down the Goth rabbit hole, and I remember standing in nightclub toilets, in awe of the older girls and their amazing makeup (late 90’s so there was still a crossover New Romantic vibe). This resulted in saving spare coins and running to SuperDrug to buy makeup and hope that it would work.

Over the years, my taste has changed, I went from wearing glasses, to contacts, and back again. I have been through ‘purple’ periods, the aborted ‘green’ period, I have gone for a little, a lot. Everything in between. Makeup has been something to make me feel better about the image I see reflected in the mirror.

But about 3 years ago (more or less) I found an amazing Cos Player called Roxy Lee (go find her on FB) who is first and foremost and amazing special FX makeup artist. She was really supportive and helped me, gave me advice and tips. So I started experimenting first with gore, then just any ideas that popped into my head. I soon realised that this may not be appropriate for everyone on my friends list. So I created a page dedicated to my make up experiments,

And that is how my page, Beautifully Strange Makeup was born.