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Halloween Makeup #2

Okay this is a really quick walkthrough, basically because I forgot to actually take photos as I went along! Sorry but it is an easy one, I promise!

A couple of weeks ago, I was playing around with makeup, which I do. A lot – and I decided to refresh a Pin Up Frankie (Frankenstein’s Bride) which I had done a couple of years ago.


This evening while I was putting together the 5 min zombie look – I thought I could review Frankie as the only thing that wouldn’t necessarily be in everyone’s makeup box, is the body paint used for the green skin.

So for this experiment, I used a green mineral eyeshadow and a blusher brush to apply onto my face, and blended it in. I then picked a slightly darker green and used it on my cheekbones, nose, and temple.


I then applied a deep purple eyeshadow over the eye socket, following my eyelid around and underneath. I used another loose powder for this and the loose powder falling was blended in under the eye, so being slightly messy certainly works in this instance!

I actually set the green with a translucent powder because it was just a tiny bit glittery – which is fine if that is what you are going for 🙂

I then applied lashings of mascara and a little liner to finish my eyes off before moving onto the stitches.


For this, I just used a pen eyeliner – now I haven’t given much thought to placement of the stitches – I usually try and make sure that they won’t be covered by a wig, so I keep them more central but you may want to look at some more authentic autopsy scars for your own makeup!

20151018_162828  20151018_162854  20151018_162833

And one where I remembered to put on some lipstick 🙂


This makeup look really won’t take long to do – both this and the zombie makeup are designed to be 5 min makeup looks that can achieved without spending much money of time. I would love to see what you come up with!

Halloween Makeup Ideas #1

So a friend recently asked if I could put together a simple makeup look for her son – who currently is on the fence about whether he wants to be a vampire or a zombie – so here is my simple walk through 🙂

So to being with, we are starting with a simple zombie look, using cream colours, picked up in a store (I bought mine from a Pound shop) and some cheap velvet lipstick. You can use any, I prefer to use lipstick as it will dry and stay put whereas the more traditional fake blood will keep moving around, and this isn’t ideal especially if you are making up a child 🙂

20151018_155734  20151018_160247


Start off with a bare face, but clean, you don’t want anything interfering with the makeup as it needs to dry on the skin so it doesn’t move later on.


Now i personally put a little of the cream on the back of my hand, and apply from there, I put a pea sized amount on, and it was more than enough. I use my fingers to apply, which means i am not loosing any to being absorbed into a sponge, but it really is personal preference. I will say using your fingers does lend itself to this makeup as you don’t really want an even colour for the newly risen/walking dead 🙂


This is the first layer of makeup, the lighting isn’t fantastic, i keep forgetting how quickly it gets dark so there wasn’t a lot of natural light available!

Next step is to add black – now I use this in the same as one might contour – basically I use it under the cheek bones, the side of the nose to the side of the chin, on the temples and then around the eyes for the sunken look.

20151018_160059  20151018_160057

The next step is the fun one – ADDING THE RED! Now I chose to use a cream colour first as these will all dry on the skin and not budge. This is applied along the side of the mouth and chin, down and onto the neck – trying to imagine where blood would drip really. I apply a little to the eyes, and then any open wounds as well. You can really have fun with this! (see my neck)

20151018_160220  20151018_160212

And lastly, I use my velvet lipstick – I would normally use a darker shade, but it was sadly unavailable to me at this time – so please just use your imagination! But all I do is apply over the red around the lower lip to add a little more depth and colour, and a tiny bit again around the eyes.

Et voila!



The meaning .. of life?

42? Right? No ? Was I was sleeping while you all grew up around me?

In my first reboot blog, I explained my relationship to makeup and to some extent, wigs, how my relationship has changed throughout the years… (aborted green period anyone) and I have since gone on to share my love for the art of makeup, wigs, playing dress up…

I was chatting to a friend on I.G earlier today, and debating what my next blog should be about (I have usually 2 or 3 ongoing… occasionally I even publish them!) … he suggested, and I will quote ‘About how life, about how we change, age and think differently .. if you knew how long you had left, would you use your time differently?

Some biggies there to tackle so let us go slowly, don’t worry, I am right here, I will hold your hand!

So in my very abrupt bio, I have stated that my job doesn’t inspire me. No, it really doesn’t, not to any meaningful degree. A wise person once told me, that there is no reason to blame anyone else for the situation you find yourself in, as you, and only you are the one responsible. And I have to say, that did change my outlook. I have spent years bemoaning one thing or another, parents, school, boys. But at the end of the day, I am the one saying yes or no.

So in that respect, I have changed, I have learnt to accept that I am the one writing my storyline. And I am making the best of it. I have become a lot more relaxed, and looked for outlets outside my day job. This started with makeup, I love makeup. You know that already. Right? And that then moved to wigs, cosplay… generally dressing up and pretending to be someone else (occasionally I even pretend to adult!).


I have been really lucky, because of the makeup, to meet a really encouraging mentor, and through her, worked with a theatre group, have done a fan film, did the VT for a show as well as backstage and general running around. And most recently it has resulted in my being on radio. I have learnt that being out of your comfort zone is a good thing, that sometimes jumping without looking first results in things other than broken bones. Yeah, one of those annoying people. But if it makes you feel any better, I get hijacked into things and rarely have time to really think about it. So I am not entirely cured!


Well… the big question… it is one that keeps getting bandied around isn’t it … if you had an expiry date, would you do anything differently. Or the other is, if you could go back and tell your teenage self something….

I hate to be THAT person… no! No I wouldn’t do anything differently because I am the person today, because of the things I have done, the people I have met, the people who raised me up, those who tried to drag me down. But if I knew when I would be leaving this world? I wouldn’t let it dictate what I did or how I treated people. I would love to say I would go travelling, see all the things I wanted to, go visit family, far flung friends… of course that is on the bucket list among other things. If it happens, it happens. I will keep aiming to do all the things on that mental check list. If it doesn’t happen. It wasn’t meant to be 🙂


I would miss this little dude though ❤

You can find my wigs at : http://revengewigs.co.uk

You can find my leggings at : http://www.wildbangarang.com/

Strange…. made … up

So .. this is my first proper blog post. This is an old account for for some reason I have never posted any of the articles. I hope that this is going to become a good habit of mine and it won’t go back to gathering dust.

So with that In mind I thought this would be a little …. insight to me and my life, what makes me tick.

Since I am linking this to my make up page, let us start there. How did I get started with make up? How does anyone get started, of course I first experimented as a girl. I remember saving up and picking colours I really liked and slathering them onto my face. But I have to be honest, it was never something I felt entirely confident with.

As a teenager I fell down the Goth rabbit hole, and I remember standing in nightclub toilets, in awe of the older girls and their amazing makeup (late 90’s so there was still a crossover New Romantic vibe). This resulted in saving spare coins and running to SuperDrug to buy makeup and hope that it would work.

Over the years, my taste has changed, I went from wearing glasses, to contacts, and back again. I have been through ‘purple’ periods, the aborted ‘green’ period, I have gone for a little, a lot. Everything in between. Makeup has been something to make me feel better about the image I see reflected in the mirror.

But about 3 years ago (more or less) I found an amazing Cos Player called Roxy Lee (go find her on FB) who is first and foremost and amazing special FX makeup artist. She was really supportive and helped me, gave me advice and tips. So I started experimenting first with gore, then just any ideas that popped into my head. I soon realised that this may not be appropriate for everyone on my friends list. So I created a page dedicated to my make up experiments,

And that is how my page, Beautifully Strange Makeup was born.