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An Aborted conversation

Massive trigger warning – clue is in the title. Do no continue reading this blog post if you feel that it might upset you.

Now, a beautiful friend of mine, based in America, shared a post last night. It was beyond upsetting. I was swearing before i even opened it up to read. Now, it is only fair that I share the article with you if I am basing a blog on my reaction to it … well if you want to see if Click Here.

This is the opening stanza of the article :

On Thursday, Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed one of the most vicious anti-abortion bills in the country into law. It forbids women from getting abortions in cases of fetal disability, requires women to inter or cremate fetal remains, and a whole host of other fucked-up things.

Now, at the risk of spending the remainder of this article swearing again and not being entirely eloquent, I want to look at abortion. I want to discuss what is wrong with the attitude that has made this law possible.

To do that, I will give you some background. I have had an abortion. I was … 23 years old, in a relationship, using contraception , it was an accident. But lets go back a little further. My own mother had a rather… relaxed attitude to abortions, how they effected people. Watching Sex and the City and it was repeatedly implied that abortions were used as a form of birth control, and speaking to people working in hospitals again, implied that abortions are widely used, and repeatedly, by women as a form of birth control as others might use a condom or implant. So you will have to forgive me for thinking that, I would be okay.

I was pretty stubborn about being pregnant. Missed periods aren’t always the best indicator. I guess the fact that I was in deep, physical pain if I didn’t eat when hungry could have been an indicator. As it was, I did buy a pregnancy test, and discussed it with my partner. We were sensible in our discussion, not having our own house, I was at college waiting to go to Uni (mature student… what a joke), we realised that we were just not ready to be parents. I quickly made an appointment with my G.P and was seen the next day (Tuesday) by one of the senior partners. And WOW. I have been belittled, felt small, stupid, insignificant many, many times in my life. But I have been bought up to think of the family doctor as someone to trust, to turn to in times of need. But I have to be honest… rude doesn’t cover his attitude to me. I felt like I was dirty, a whore, cheap, a slut. Did I know who the father was (after explaining my living situation etc with him) and had I discussed it ‘with the father’. Now this was a while ago, I am sure things have changed, but at the time, you had to see two doctors in the practise to sign off on the abortion. I was lucky that the next doctor was a completely different story and treated me with dignity and respect. Although I found out I was approx. 11 weeks gone and was referred to the hospital for … well… again this was all new to me, I had gone by myself and suffered a horrific questioning already, I thought it was an out patient’s appointment, before an abortion date would be organised. I really didn’t understand how these things worked and didn’t have anyone to turn to. (more on that to come)

So when i rocked up at the clinic, I was there… maybe 5 mins, nervous doesn’t begin to cover it. I am not good in hospitals. So I was hoping for reassurance, help, understanding…. no. Big bag of no. I was in and out in 5 mins, I was told to come back the following morning, and to bring a pair of PJ’s and slippers. So.. as quick as all of that. When I came back the following morning,  I was told that my partner couldn’t wait, but they would call when I was ready to leave. No ETA, no nothing (this resulted in my begging that he wait anyway). He was shipped off, I was asked to change and sit in a waiting room with other women, who I had to assume were all there for the same reason. But we were not even making eye contact, let alone conversation. No member of staff to speak to, until I was called in to see the doctor. Great, I thought I would be able to have a conversation with the doctor, have an explanation… nope, a quick overview of stats, and a rather unpleasant experience later, I was back in the waiting room. None of us had a way to pass the time, no one to talk to, to offer comfort. We were called in one, after the other. No way of really telling the time. Finally, I was called in, and because of the medication it gets super hazy around this point. But a nice man stabbed a needle in my hand without explanation and then told me he was going to put me to sleep, could I count back from 10. Being me, I suggested he sing a lullaby.. and BAM i was gone.

I have only been under general (or in a surgical situation) twice that I know of, and I don’t stay down long. I came around to the nurses laughing about my asking of a lullaby… I guess that gave them something to talk about for a couple of days at least. I was offered squash and dry toast, and told to get dressed. So, drug induced sleep to getting dressed in under 10 mins? I made it groggily to the waiting room, saw my partner, and ran past him to the toilets. Threw up. At this point, I am feeling thoroughly miserable. The only other person I had told was my manager to explain why I couldn’t work that weekend (working as a bar supervisor, I felt it best I take the weekend off work) but I suddenly needed to see my mother, which was massively out of our way home. And of course she wasn’t in. I must have thrown up 5 more times on the journey home. Pretty undignified, having to pull over, to throw the door open and carry on a moment later.

I was in pain,not so much that I couldn’t move.. more that moving was pretty uncomfortable, and stayed on the sofa for the weekend. I didn’t go to my follow up appointment with the doctor, and my GP neither asked, or followed up either, although I went in for a change of contraception shortly after. Now, I have never wanted children, that is a story for another blog. I will be honest, I was a little upset. There is something about being pregnant that changes everything. I would have happily taken that baby to term. But it was right for me, my situation. I don’t begrudge the abortion as such. But what I do begrudge is the taboo surrounding the subject. If I am honest, out of all the health care professionals that I saw during the ordeal, it was the second doctor that signed off my application for the abortion. To everyone else, I was cheap, nasty, a number, cattle. I was not human. I was not worthy of basic dignity and respect.That, that is what I take away from the situation.

Now, I realise that I have rambled on quite a bit about my own experience. And I thank you for sticking with me. I went back to work, and was honest with my co-workers about my time off. My boss was lovely, and understanding. My co-workers, shocked and curious. I worked in a student bar and I guess this was part of the rich fabric of their education. And yet, not even a month later,  I realised what a taboo an abortion was (if you recall earlier, my view was formed on open conversation and pop culture references so I assumed it was open season). I hadn’t really mentioned it to people because of time, and I didn’t really have any close friends as such at the time. So when a co-worker came to me and said he had been told off for mentioning my abortion… I was shocked ? It was … public I guess. In the way, it is now. Because I am transcribing it ready to go live on line. So I felt strange that he was being told not to talk about something, like it was a dirty secret when I hadn’t presented it as such. It was just something I did. And then having another co worker, a year later, swear, loudly, to my face about how disgusting I was. Then I started to realise being open about abortions, free and open debate.. not the best way to play it.

And so, it has continued, I mention it generally speaking in context, but when i feel it safe to do so. Not long ago, a FB friend threw up a Pro Choice article, I saw red and went on the offensive. It resulted in not only us connecting via messages, opening up in a way neither of us had, but the resulting thread was a forum for women to be open and express themselves in a way that they maybe felt they couldn’t or shouldn’t.


Having an abortion is not something we should be ashamed of, of course we shouldn’t view it as a form of birth control. But there are reasons, many, many reasons women chose to go through with it. It is not a simple choice, not one anyone takes lightly or goes through unscathed.

As I said on my friends post last night, Pro Choice, we have the right to chose. It is not saying one is better than the other. It is just saying that many have fought hard, and in many cases, died for our right to chose. And that choice is actually – because I am a facetious cow, the same right to choose to go to Whole Foods to pick up dinner over MacDonalds. It is about our right to make informed, educated choices about our lives, and our bodies. To take control about what we do, say, think, our actions. And be RESPONSIBLE for the outcome.

And so we come back to the start of this blog. It is a disgusting and not especially subtle dig at Pro Choice. Let us not get bogged down in the arguments surrounding abortion, wrong sex, disability  – no different than my own reasoning when you come down to it. If that is really the concern, tackle it head on and don’t make families, who are emotional and vulnerable, feel any worse than they already do. It is a cheap trick and a low blow. We need to talk about this. We need to have conversation, we need to bring it out of the shadows, be honest. Stop making women feel like shit for even considering it. Only then will this stop happening.

Happy memories

So this is the third blog in my exploration in pregnancy and childhood – I am still planning on exploring breastfeeding and tying up the blogs I have put together with friends and listeners of the show. Now I realise I am asking a lot of you all to keep reading these, I know not all of you will be interested, or find this easy to read. And although the stories have been brutally honest – I wanted to have a blog that looks at the more positive side of having children 🙂


H.H : Kids- watching them learn new things and find wonder in the world is such a precious thing. They may annoy the shit out of me but id kill anyone that tried to hurt them. I’m not a maternal person. I talk to them like adults and won’t hide things from them. They are my friends as well as my devil spawn lol. I spose again rather hallmark like my kids are my reason for living. I still mourn the babies I’ve lost, no matter how short a time I was pregnant with them, there is a hollowness inside caused by the losses. But im so amazingly lucky to have the beauties I have.


T.R : Had my daughter at age 17, had a post partum haemorrhage, post natal depression, had two misscarriages and then an ectopic pregnancy age 23 and Yuen at age 25. Completely failed at breast feeding with both. Have let the Internet raise Yuen as an experiment. He’s mental. He speaks fluent meme though.

images (1)

Now, my friend L.M shared some of her experienced – L.M is profoundly deaf so I was curious as to her experiences with being a parent,

L.M : It just means I was constantly observing body language when awake despite being able to hear with hearing aids and very reliant on a shaking pad under my pillow with the baby mointor when asleep. It doesn’t impact for the most part, just finding it difficult to lipread my toddler sometimes when she’s playing on her words or she’s said something I’ve not heard before. But she’s slowly trying to understand that I need more help listening and often alerts me to her little sister and if the doorbell goes. 

I had a signer for my first birth but didn’t bother for 2nd x Makaton is very popular here with babies and toddlers, but I haven’t really done it as I lipread x Molly signs a little,but she’s a talker lol
My 3yrs old, just clocked I have pubic hair, and is currently running around shouting “hairy bum, hairy bum” on repeat and her 17mo sister following her saying “bum, bum, bum!” 😑
What I wanted to remind everyone, is that pregnancy can be hard, you can encounter many obstacles to getting to full term, and labour, childbirth is neither pretty, magical, or clean. But children will make it all worth it. I know, again I am writing this when I have no children. I am blessed with many children in my life, and I am fortunate that my friends are willing to share their experiences with me and the show. I really hope that this is something you have enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed writing!

Pregnancy myths part 2

So in a recent show we looked at babies and pregnancy, I said before, how blown away I was by what everyone shared with me. There wasn’t room to fit everything in to just one post, or even 2 blog posts! I was over whelmed with what people shared with me, and it did force me to reevaluate what I would be putting out here for you all.

SPD which is also referred to as PGP as it often occurs in pregnancy, can often be mis-diagnosed and wrongly passed off as just part of pregnancy, normal back/lower back pain and on and on. Now I haven’t personally suffered from it, or carried to full term so I cannot fully understand exactly what it feels like. The biggest issues with SPD is that if it is left untreated, there is little you can do if healthcare professionals finally agree on a diagnosis. Once you are within 4 weeks of your due date.. there is no physical intervention available to you, although you should be able to get some advice over the phone on how to best manage symptoms. I am no a medical professional, if you are having any pain during your pregnancy you should discuss it with your health visitor. mid wife or G.P. If you are still getting nowhere, speak to a qualified physio to seek advise on what to do next.


Now here are some more stories shared with me from friends and listeners of the show on their experiences,

L.B : SPD too. The single most painful experience I had with pregnancy and still suffer now!!

S.S : Yep I had this with last full pregnancy and it still hurts now

L.B : I wasn’t diagnosed till late. With RJ it was at 29 weeks so a week before I lost him. With kayleigh it was at 37 weeks and Little Will at 36 weeks.

I still use my crutches on occasion as I just can’t walk sometimes

S.S : Sciatica!!!! One min your walking upright the next your on your knees crying because the pain in your arse cheek is evil. I think that’s what it is its what I was repeatedly told it was

J.B : had that – just one side, couldn’t get out of bed sometimes!

S.S : yep and it happens when you really don’t need it like hot food and drink in the middle of town eat ect

J.B :  Oh yes, and you have to get back home wanting to crawl back but edging yourself along the walls of shops with everyone looking at you no one seeing if you are ok


R.M : All I can say is my pregnancy was horrible. I loved feeling my baby kicking and wriggling around but that’s it. I was sick everyday, I had SPD, I was poorly all of the time I had group b strep and cried for weeks over being told and the ad thing is they only tested me because I kept getting thrush and having high temps. When he was born I had to have a c section. I loved him but not as much as I expected and found I had post natal depression. I couldn’t handle it all. I have this constant struggle between being a loving mummy and not wanting to be a mummy it’s weird. I love my boy so much but I constantly thing I’m doing the wrong things. He’s a good kid but he’s been through his rough patches of being really naughty. He’s also been really poorly since he was born. I became a single parent when he was 1 and a half and that broke me. I know people always say they don’t understand how mothers can complain about having kids but some people just don’t tell the truth or they are living in denial because being a parent is the hardest and most selfless thing you will ever do. No child is the same. You are exhausted all of the time, you don’t have any guidelines to follow apart from feed and love your child lol. You are judged if you work and if you don’t. People will look at your child and what he/she is wearing a rend judge you on it. If you look young people judge you for being a rend young mum and the same if you lol older. It’s madness. I could go on forever. I’ve only put a snippet of it in here x


S.C : Breastfeeding ruined my experience of having a baby under 6 months cause it was so stressful and I never produced enough milk. I would still do it again tho 4th time not sure if that’s just pressure or love x
H.H : Ok pregnancy – with my first I felt very judged by the medical professionals looking after me, not calling me my married name and treating me like a child and forcing pethidine on me when I was in labour. I felt totally unprepared to look after her, didn’t bond with my bump at all but somehow we both survived. With Boo I was scared of losing her from the beginning (I’d already had a couple of early miscarriages by then) but total opposite of first pregnancy I had an amazing midwife and having her throughout my pregnancy, labour and postnatal period made the world of difference. I have to be a bit hallmark and say I felt that instant love when I held them with the first two and j, but really struggled with meg. … Babies, well you never forget the moment you child produces their own bodyweight in korma coloured sour milk smelling shit lol. Breastfeeding I had major issues and lots of guilt. With J I felt like a cow as I was either attached to a pump or feeding him. There is immense pressure as a midwife to promote bf but as a mother you need your midwife to tell you it’s ok if you don’t. I’ve never felt guiltier than when I failed at bf
There are so many things that women face in pregnancy, you have infertility, still birth, miscarriage, PGP, infections, reflux, breast feeding issues, post natal depression. It is however, so important to talk about these things and know that you re not alone. 
However if you have been effected by any of the things that have been mentioned in my last 2 blogs, here are some pages that might be able to help. They are all there to help parents with the loss of a while through neonatal, still birth or miscarriage and beyond. 

Dispelling the myth – pregnancy

So in a recent show we discussed pregnancy, childbirth, children. I asked for stories from people who had gone through it as this was a topic non of the presenters on the show could really talk about with any personal experience. I wasn’t sure what sort of response there would be to the question, which I put quite bluntly but I was really impressed with how open people were on their experiences, both good and bad. One friend commented on how it felt therapeutic to open up about things that she had experienced. So this blog is really, sharing what was shared on FB with me, and hopefully will help people with their own experiences.

I want to say, thank you again to everyone who contributed, it really means a lot to me and it was really eye opening to hear what you went through x


J.B :

It took us two years for me to fall pregnant, with us trying pretty much every day. I was so excited that we were having a baby but hated being pregnant. 9.5 months is just way too long, not that I had a difficult pregnant it was fine, usual sickness and tiredness but I just didn’t enjoy it. Then felt guilty as a few people I knew lost their babies and I knew I was privileged to be able to carry to full term (plus a couple of weeks). Loved feeling the kicks that was the only positive I felt
Labour – worst pain I have ever felt! Was due to be induced st 8am on new years day, my contractions started naturally at 2am so had a bath, phoned the hospital and they advised I go in at 8am as planned. When I got there they examined me, I was only 1cm dilated but they stuck a hook in me to break my waters – found baby had a poo inside me so was rushed down to the delivery suite to be monitored. My contractions got 10 times worse and was on gas and air. At 2pm I threw it on the bed and said this ain’t f’ing working so they went to get the doctor, an hour later they gave me an epidural and I didn’t feel another contraction. But I got an infection due to the poo in me and was burning up even though I felt freezing so was put on antibiotics drip along with a hormone drip to speed up labour. Still going at midnight when they told me I could start pushing when I had a contraction – well I didn’t feel them as I had an epidural so had to rely on the midwife to tell me when I was having them (they could tell on the monitor I was hooked up to). It didn’t take away the pressure of the baby pushing down on my pelvis though, the only way I can describe it was someone shattering my pelvis with a baseball bat! After an hour I got cramp in my left leg which was worse than the pressure pain, and every time the head came out a bit I kept straightening my leg and he would go back in so made it tough for myself! They then got the doctor in and they put my legs in stirrups which helped, another hour of pushing and little man arrived! 10lb 1oz little chunk, got 2nd degree tears which took an hour to stitch up and the midwife felt faint after 45 mins and another lady had to finish stitching! But they put my baby on me and you really do forget it all as soon as you look at them – felt an overwhelming rush of love and was so relieved to have my baby in my arms!

J.B: Just thought of something….apparently breastfeed babies can go 5 or 6 days without a poo…I didn’t know this and Daniel went 12 hours without a dirty nappy so I phoned the health visitor who said when he does finally go there will be a massive poo explosion – an hour later I heard the loudest noise coming from his bum…… it was everywhere, all down his legs up his back – where the hell do you start to clean that up! I just dunked him in the bath! No one tells you the unglamorous stuff about motherhood beforehand!!

No one is ever really honest when you are pregnant and ask someone what it’s like to become a mother – everyone says oh my baby is perfect/doesn’t cry/sleeps through the night etc. Well no baby is perfect and it definitely is not easy, it’s the hardest thing I have ever done but also the best decision I have ever made is to have a child. I just love him so much, even when he’s screaming his little head off I just want to cuddle and kiss his pain away and I do, we sit for hours just cuddling on the sofa or when he’s sleeping I will just stare at him and hold his little hand thinking he’s just so bloody beautiful. People used to say sleep when he sleeps, or when he sleeps do the housework – well no thanks, i haven’t hovered for a month, i keep the kitchen clean and ive done washing but that’s about it, theres no way I’m missing a second of him being this little – savouring every moment. I love him so much it makes me want to cry and sometimes I do cry and it’s ok to cry (another thing I’ve learnt)!

R.B : All I can say is my pregnancy was horrible. I loved feeling my baby kicking and wriggling around but that’s it. I was sick everyday, I had SPD, I was poorly all of the time I had group b strep and cried for weeks over being told and the ad thing is they only tested me because I kept getting thrush and having high temps. When he was born I had to have a c section. I loved him but not as much as I expected and found I had post natal depression. I couldn’t handle it all. I have this constant struggle between being a loving mummy and not wanting to be a mummy it’s weird. I love my boy so much but I constantly thing I’m doing the wrong things. He’s a good kid but he’s been through his rough patches of being really naughty. He’s also been really poorly since he was born. I became a single parent when he was 1 and a half and that broke me. I know people always say they don’t understand how mothers can complain about having kids but some people just don’t tell the truth or they are living in denial because being a parent is the hardest and most selfless thing you will ever do. No child is the same. You are exhausted all of the time, you don’t have any guidelines to follow apart from feed and love your child lol. You are judged if you work and if you don’t. People will look at your child and what he/she is wearing a rend judge you on it. If you look young people judge you for being a rend young mum and the same if you lol older. It’s madness. I could go on forever. I’ve only put a snippet of it in here x

J.B :  Other mothers are rarely honest about their own experiences which I find weird as all I want to do is be honest and say it’s so bloody hard – my happy smiling pictures on instagram are just minutes out of our whole day!

K.R :  It’s true it’s the hardest thing to do



Silent reflux or normal reflux.

No such thing as a fussy or needy or colicky baby which screams all the time for all the days… Nightmare.


Divarification of diastasis recti. When the tummy muscles don’t go back! Horrendous! Many people don’t know about it. I had to pay privately to get it repaired. A lot of money. It’s “cosmetic” apparently but I couldn’t even manage my son. Debilitating. Yet all the reasons you can get surgery to get it repaired are cosmetic!!!

D.H : Think acid burning your oesophagus, bringing it up, swallowing it down until your tubes burn. The milk is quite thin and watery which doesn’t help. The valves in the baby’s tummy aren’t strong enough to keep it down. Sometimes they feed for comfort (constantly) which caused more liquid and more burning. Some kids throw it up. Some then refuse to eat at all! Food aversions. Milk allergies are an issue too.

Can’t lie them flat for 30 mins after a feed. Or go in car seat. Can’t do tummy time. They hurt and can be delayed in progress. Can be underweight and can be overweight. There’s always sick and you can smell the acid. They say wean early (thickens the stomach content). Doesn’t always work. Then when They’re sitting upright (gravity). Doesn’t always work. Then when they are standing. Doesn’t always work. Then when they’re older and the muscles are stronger.. Awful. Sleep is non existent (hurts them lying down). They just want to be carried (soothing and upright…)

Can get meds if the GP listens… They can’t really help.

D.H : If I could summarise feelings. And others I know would say the same. It stole our lovely new baby time…

D.H : Still only feel numb when I look back at those photos…


Rhesus Negative in pregnancy

S.S : Anti-D injections…….I’m rhesus negative which means I don’t have something in my blood that rhesus positive people do……anyway because of this I require anti-d injections for my pregnancies to stop my body from treating the baby as an infection and attacking the baby…..with all 3 of my pregnancies I’ve had to have these injections….It also has caused my last pregnancy to end in the early stages because I am able to be pregnant and it not show on a pregnancy test for many months into the pregnancy that and endometriosis and a history of pelvic inflammatory disease

L.B : I am rhesus neg too!!

S.S :It’s horrible I lost 2 babies because I didn’t show positive on a test and my body basically did it’s job. Nearly lost avary because my midwife was being useless even though she was the same lady for my other two she just didn’t give a crap

S.S : I changed her she was also a midwife that refused to help me with breastfeeding and lied to me about being able to breast feed with piercings. Me I know now after finding groups by myself and I tried with my girls and when I thought I was doing well considering I had no clue the health visitors made me feel like utter crap

l.b : It’s what what led to my miscarriages too. I’ve had 14 pregnancies now that we’re confirmed

S.S :Yeah it’s frigging horrid and you’d think they would make it more known about the dangersThat’s why I went for the blood type thing hundreds as it’s hardly mentioned anywhere and it effects around 15% of women

K.R :  OMG anti D worse than labour. …exactly like larva being injected into you….and as I had a placenta bleed at 29 weeks with oliver I had to have a lot of anti D. ….. ..really really horrible.

V.G : I hope no ones minds me adding to this thread, there’s some amazing and heart breaking stories I’ve already read so would like to briefly add mine: never been pregnant although using no contraception. Got to the age of 36 went to NHS for help, NHS wrote me and my husband off as he had children from previous relationship (no free treatment for us) so we saved up. Ended up having 8 months of acupuncture, (I’m a reflexologist so treated myself for months) finally went for a course of IVF at Harley st and fell pregnant! Pregnancy was mostly fine, SPD at the end. Went 10 days over due. I desperately wanted a natural birth but my BP ended up at 199/100 so had to be induced. After 3 days of drugs midwifes unable to break my waters etc baby had to have copper coil inverted into her head (while still in womb) as she wouldn’t keep still for long. Eventually had failed induction and had emergency c section at 2am on fourth day (Thursday) was totally exhausted but hospital aftercare was crap. I bled badly and nurses were mostly uncaring very little support. Maybe because I was an old mum? I saw my baby as a screaming creature, in incredible pain and no idea what to do. Breast feed for 10 weeks then Lizzie (baby) lost ability to latch. After all that, I ended up with Post Natal Depression. Felt a total failure. Then one day whilst I was holding this screaming creature whilst silently crying to myself she looked up and me reached up to my face and smiled. I broke my heart that day but but I also began building myself and our bond back together again. Now, she’s 9 months and I’m fine – in fact I want to do it all again. She is my world my little munchie Lizzie xxx

C.L : Well as a Daddy I saw the full thing from the outside. The strangest thing is realising how much you have changed as a person. Suddenly its not just about you any more. Late nights and going to work like a zombie are suddenly normal. Georgia was an Ix baby ( a form of test tube baby) and we were lucky to fall pregnant first time. Georgia was one of five, she was the only one that made it. That plays on my mind, so much, But my little girl makes me smile at least a dozen times a day. I never thought I would be a good daddy, I still question myself day in day out. But we waited so long for her and we cherish every day. Then of course like a flippin bus James came along (you wait so long for one!) and he is so different. Scarily fast and growing like a weed! I love my little menaces and cant imagine my life without em, which is odd, five years ago I couldn’t imagine my life with them. Sorry for the ramble
This is an insanely long blog post, even for me, and I have another post as I couldn’t fit everything into one realistically. I hope that if you have read this, it helps, it might give you insight, or give you the encouragement to share your own experiences. I will be posting 2 blogs on this subject so I hope you have enjoyed reading this – if you want to share your experiences or talk to someone please feel free to drop me a line. I will be adding links to the second blog post.
Here is a link to the show : Oh Baby
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