Period, pants!

I remember when I was barely a teenager, my mother was at the till in Boots and asked the cashier (who was only a few years older then myself) about period pants. Aparently it was a thing when she was a girl, and made the entire thing a lot easier to deal with. The cashier blushed furiously and had never heard of anything like that. So we ended up going home with a box of pads that a small child could have slept on. So yeah. I got where she was coming from, pads used to be rather cumbersome and it was a lot for a young girl to get her head around.

I remember looking at them and wanting to die of shame, there was no way that I could possibly wear them to school, to work, when I went out with friends, did sport… it would be so OBVIOUS. And we were doing sex ed at school so it was also topical.

Fortunatly I caught adverts on TV for companies like Body Form and Always – they looked tantilisingly thin, looked much more comfortable, I would easily be able to squirrel them away in my bag… plus the marketing gimmicks spoke to me.

Periods are perfectly normal

I won’t lie, it was never easy… they were a generic size, and that seemed massive. It was never a pleasent expereince. I mean it isn’t anyway, but you would at least want your sanitary products to be kinda comfortmable. I switched over to tampons as soon as I was able to – but they present a whole different book on discomfort.

Now a few years ago, Mooncup was launched, and there are now countless other period cups, and they are a great idea, and obviously a lot better for the environment. But not for everyone, and no, I didn’t even try. I knew I wouldn’t get on with them.

Before you think ‘but you didn’t even try!’ I use the implant as contraception, and it means its all or nothing with me, but generally, even when my flow goes on for what seems, FOREVER, it is light. So yeah, its not something I feel is worth investigating. IN MY CASE.

So anyway, I couldn’t even say how or why, but last year I found myself looking at a website for period pants. Unfortantly they were based in the USA so it would be prohibitive to order. I did a few searches but couldn’t find any shipping from the UK. I was excited though, finally period pants! My mother hadn’t been imaging it, and clearly others had been working to a solution as well.

Eventually I found a UK company, called Flux and ordered from them – I went with a thong, because its a style I wear the most, due to my booty. I was really excited to try them out – they were a little tight but they otherwise were pretty comfortable. I couldn’t tell the difference between a standard pair, and I didn’t have to worry all day. Absolutely blown away.

I tried a pair of lace top on the advisement on their customer service staff, however, this was for a heavily period and the lace was only there to look pretty. So they didn’t feel as secure while I was wearing a skirt. Because of the difference in capacity and fit, I have designated them as my overnight pair. Which isn’t a bad thing!

So I was well and truely down the rabbit hole on period pants at this point – I decided to order some more, as the stress of washing and drying was doing me no favours. So this time I mixed things up, I tried a thong from Modibody, a standard pair from Wuka and a pair of boy shorts from Flux (as I had a discount). So yeah, getting quite the collection!

So I have to say, on presentation, delivery and product, Modibody is my favourite, they feel really nice and comfortable, the material is cotton like, which is what I prefer over a more silky feel. They were a better fit as well, no digging in. Wuka, I just don’t reach for, again there is the fact they are for a heavier flow, but they just feel very bulky. The boy shorts from Flux cut in slightly on my thighs… but #thickthighssavelives

Now, I can only tell you about the ones I have tried, ad obviously is it down to personal preference, and body shape. If you interested, I would honestly recommend them – a lot of the companies also do swim and workout items, as well as incontinence so there are a lot of options. And a few are now catering to teenagers which…. yeah my heart sings. Can you imagine being 12/13 again and instead of being mortified trying to figure out if it can wait until a break, then sneaking into a cubicle without your friends making a big deal?

Now the science bit – but no! Sorry but I am not getting bogged down. The principal is the same as a pad, there are layers that absorb the fluids, trapping them and thats really it. All the websites have a really good information page, detailing their own materials, and help you chose the right pair for you (based on flow etc) so I honestly would recommend having a look around. There are also options for returns as well, which can be important considering the outlay for just one pair.

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