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Protecting white male privilege

I actually cannot believe that I just wrote that. But it is not satire, but I am being a little sarcastic.

I posted an article, women have been banned, 30 days at times, for typing ‘men are scum’ because this is considered an attack and hate speech toward a protected group. Considering the language that I see hourly, daily, weekly, by both men and women on Facebook, that these are and were flagged is a joke at all.

Now I am noting that these are well known people, people in the spot light and it can easily be blamed on individuals having made the report themselves. I am tempted to give it a go myself. Will I lose my account for the sake of suggesting men are scum? I doubt it since I imagine that Facebook is now flooded by people doing exactly that.

And I recognise the language well, you see, I have been subject to a number of bans, all of which are resulted from photos or images (memes) posted in closed/secret groups which I feel should have offered some protection. I argued on a number of occasions (never got a reply) that the images showed no nudity etc implied at best, and the wording has now been amended slightly.

So Facebook does listen I am curious how the algorhythms work, since the last 3 bans, and 20 or so images that have been removed/flagged, were all pulled from images in public groups. What makes me so different.

However back to the matter in hand, if we state, men are scum. We are automatically using hate speech against a protected group. Men. Are protected. WE KNEW THIS ALREADY.

Moments after sharing the article, which no explanation as I couldn’t think of anything susinct to put with it, I got called out. Yes, I was laughed at and told that if it was the other way around it would be called mysogyny.