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So, a little back story, I love makeup and a few years ago my path was brightened up when I cam accross a indie makeup company selling mineral eye shadows. I am an eyes girl specifically. I would come up with all sorts of combinations, blues with purples, pinks with greens, think peacock, then think of a box of over 100 colours to choose from. But around a year ago, I had a change in circumstance and I found myself starting to dress a lot more conservatively, including utilisation of my UD Naked 2 pallet. Now don’t get me wrong I do love UD but the pallet is safe. I was slowly being stifled, and became very unhappy. That is another blog post, but just to wind this up a little, I changed things up, I am a lot more happy. One thing that really was bothering me, despite all the makeup at my disposal, I had lost my mojo. Although, what I mean, is I lost my mojo for my day to day makeup. 

And not so so much of a secret, I am a glitter addict. As I have already said, I love to give small businesses a chance, and I especially love indie makeup companies. You see, there are some fantastic indie makeup companies out there, doing fun things with glitter, throwing rule books out of the window when it comes to colours and designs. But it can get expensive, when you take into considering exchange rates, postage and packing charges, and then custom charges it can become an expensive investment.

Et voila – the reason for this blog, I am pleased to introduce Oh My Glitter by Robyn – this is her Facebook page, Click Here


I initially got sent a lucky dip eye shadow, a red which I was super pleased with as red is such a difficult colour to find. Now the eyeshadow is an unusual composition – It isn’t a loose powder, and it isn’t quite a dry pressed powder. It also isn’t waxy, in the same way that you will find the tattoo shadows. What they are is easy to use, beautiful to blend in a way that many traditional shadows are not, and really fun to apply. For example I apply the shadows equally with my fingers and a short tapered brush. They really are fun to experiment with. I placed an order after having so much fun with the first one for mermaid colours – that was my actual wording, and had some glitter shadows thrown in – this is the swatch of the second order :


The shadow is really beautiful, you really only need a tiny amount, and it builds up fantastically, just keep blending it out until you have the coverage you wanted and then add layers until you get the required intensity. With the glitters now also available, you can layer up the base with a glitter which helps both pop. That said the glitters stand up all on their own – the above swatch is just one swipe. 

I cannot tell you how much fun with the eye shadows over the last week – up to and including using the normal blue and blue glitter as lip stick 🙂 

So if like me, you love supporting indie makeup brands, supporting small businesses… oh and did I forget to mention that the makeup is cruelty free and vegan? Please go check Robyn out – her facebook page is featured earlier in the blog. There are so many options – not only the colours, her basic and glitter shadows – but she does sample/tester posts and pallets. There is talk of doing subscription boxes as well. I cannot wait to see what she comes up with next. If you do try out her makeup out – please let me know what you think!


I totally need Poison Apple in my next order! It looks gorgeous! 


Parental Cruelty

Not the post you are expecting… I hope? So this is about makeup, which is probably more along the lines of what you expect from me!

I wanted to have a conversation about vegan/cruelty makeup, makeup brands and their parent companies. Now, I am not vegan, but do try and buy vegan/organic and cruelty free products as much as possible. I discussed my position on buying organic in a previous blog post Frankly Organic so I won’t go back into that here. The fact is, there is no reason to test on animals any more and therefore all products should be cruelty free. Vegan is a bonus for sure. If more of us bought into the philosophy then companies would be encouraged to fall in line. But like I said, I am not vegan so don’t take this as a conversion post!


Now, a brief side bar to look at Innocent Smoothies – but relevant. Have you come accross their posts on social media? I am sure you have, either because you follow them or they are followed by a contact, or appear through being sponsored. The point isn’t how, more that I am going to assume that you have. One thing you have to love about Innocent is that their social media team are a lot of fun, and that they take the time to respond to comments. Downside? They are now owned by Coca Cola – and we all know that as a company they are not ethically the kindest company. Questions often arise on their threads about how they could sell out to Coca Cola and people commenting on how they won’t buy their products because of this.


You know, I admire a persons conviction in this. I really do. I don’t share it, I am a horrid person. Last week a conversation arose on FB about Urban Decay. UD are a vegan company and have an amazing range of products. I have commented on their customer service before Online shopping … customer… served? but that is indeed an entirely different conversation.


Or is it? Urban Decay, as you may not already know, is owner by L’Oreal. And L’Oreal have questionable morals at best. So there are people who will follow their convictions to the extent that they won’t buy from a company if any part of their portfolio is unethical. Again not a conviction I share, I buy L’Oreal.


How far do you take your convictions is my question her. See, I really do admire people with strong convictions, people who can stop eating junk food, who can get up at silly 0’clock and go for a run or training, people who can hold a part of a company or corporation accountable. I don’t mean to sound as sarcastic as I am but I can’t really find the words to accurately convey. I really do adore people like that. I count many of these people as friends.


HOWEVER – and this is a biggy – I think that points are being missed by doing this. Companies trying to do something different, think outside the box, shake up the rules, strip things back, it can cost money. Be it starting up, or sustaining or growing. So they can end up being gobbled up by bigger corporations. These corporations are not always of the same same ethical mindset. But they must see something in the company to buy it, for example Innocent Smoothies. Why invest in something if you don’t see potential. Yes, potential being a profit, and money.

'Occasionally we do something I wouldn't call us 'morally bankrupt'.'
‘Occasionally we do something ethical…so I wouldn’t call us ‘morally bankrupt’.’

But there is something at the end of this rambling is that, these companies see how popular vegan, cruelty free, or organic products are and buy into it. They do it by buying up a company which does save them a lot of money in the outset. What I am trying to say is that, if as consumers, we keep making ethical choices when buying, it will convince larger corporations that it is worthwhile in investing in these practises. It has been a long slog, and for many, many years companies doing the right thing by the planet, environment, animals, have been start ups, people with big ideas but not nessasarily big budgets.


If we all make decisions to buy these goods, no matter who the parent company is, no matter why the parent company owns it, or wider concerns. Just leave all of that behind, and realise that the more people making ethical choices, the more wildly available they will become. And the more likely it is that companies realise that it is a financially viable option.

Back on track, there are plenty of vegan, cruelty free makeup products available – I will be doing a review on some shortly, so I hope you stick around to read it! I cannot wait to receive it and have a play, so you might see my dorky face!

Look, don’t touch.

So.. going to take a moment to discuss the idea of male privilege. I realise that it is amongst many terms that are floating around our general consciousness at the moment.

But it is one that is to digress, misunderstand and to an extent is dismissed. But what is it and why am I among others, concerned with it.

Well, just now I watched a show where a man sued a women (unsuccessfully) for various reasons, and stated that he had a sexual relationship. He was referred to as a ‘sugar daddy’. He went on to say that while she was in his employ, he would ask to touch her and she would reply with ‘$60, $100’ etc for him to do so.


That, that is male privilege. I have persona experience, the worst was being approached by someone near a mosque that my employers went during office hours, and I had assumed he had attended. I was on my way to work and he stopped me to ask about my boobs. At 8am on a weekday morning. I was a little taken aback. He asked what size they were and if he could touch them. I initially thought he was joking, and he then offered to pay me, upping the amount before I could finally extract myself from the situation that was rapidly escalating while I was also concerned that my employers would see this. I will admit, a small part of me wanted to take the money and think, fuck it. 


This, this is what it is all about. Women are blamed in this transaction for allowing a man to touch them. Sorry, no, they are blamed for taking money. They are blamed for creating a situation where men can offer them money. And you know what, I can see why a woman would do it, it is easy money and while it is a quick boob cup, it is fairly harmless. But it is women are blamed for creating an environment where men pay them to touch their assets. Men are not blamed for assuming that it is okay to ask to touch a women inappropriately, and indeed, when asking does not get the answer they wanted, offering money. Or goods, or services.


Of course, as with anything else, when someone suggests such a thing as Male Privilege even exists, the defensive back lash starts. Things like women being accused of being controlling or privileged for not wanting to have sex with this partner, but suggesting they have a headache. The counter argument is that a women cannot simply say no, she doesn’t fancy it, or she is tired, no, the only way out is to say she is ill. A simple no is not enough. Why not? Because Male Privilege dictates that a woman shouldn’t or couldn’t possibly have any reason to deny her partner. The Alpha Male, the head of the house. 


Rape – rape is the escalation of Male privilege, where if a man is denied sex through normal means – dating, buying, or being emasculated, angry and wanting to exact revenge. It can be on a partner, a friend, a stranger. It can be premeditated or spur of the moment. I won’t quote statistics as we all know that they are an unreliable source of information. Instead I will just go through things that I have come accross over the years, one example that keeps coming back to me, and I believe is not isolated, is a judge in Italy throwing out a rape case because the woman was wearing tight fitting jeans. He ruled that it would have been to difficult for the perpetrator to have removed the jeans without her help, and therefore she must have been agreeable. 


Lets look at the stereotype of the rape victim, that it is a girl dressed provocatively, who is suggesting by her attire that she wishes to have sex, and drinks excessively so therefore isn’t able to control herself or be responsible for her actions. It is certainly the excuse used in the Stanford Rape case that made headlines earlier this year. One thing that you will find when searching for this rape case, is unlike a lot of other cases, it is the male perpetrator and not the victim that is named. Brock Turner made headlines for the leniency of the sentence he received. There was certainly a split in the reporting, Male Privilege abound as there was sympathy for him, for his loss of scholarship at Stanford University and that he would no longer be going to the Olympics. That he should be given special consideration because he was the fastest swimmer. 


He blames the culture and environment at the University for his actions, that he was merely the product of an environment of drinking, peer pressure, and promiscuity. That, in fact, he isn’t at fault here, it was bound to happen, because everyone was doing it. How was he to know that by jumping at a woman at random she hadn’t also read the memo and was not a more than willing partner. Of course this is not what happened, he blames a culture or drinking and loose morals. But what he did was not talk to a girl at a party and invite her back to look at his etchings (I blame my mother for that turn of phrase) but he either followed her, or happened on her outside, and forced himself on her by a dumpster. And when he was found by passers by, ran off. 


This case is prominent for many reasons, the victim has chosen to remain anonymous – and this is her reasoning ‘That’s the beauty of it. I don’t need labels, categories, to prove I am worthy of respect, to prove that I should be listened to’ – what she means is that we are going to treat her as a victim of a crime, we are not going to go through her social media profiles, look at her face, we are not going to base reporting on what she looks like, how she dresses, what her skin colour is, what dress size she is. We are going to base our analysis of her purely on what she represents, a victim. It is a powerful statement. And one that is a direct juxtaposition to the treatment of the perpetrator of the crime. 


So what is Male Privilege – a small part of it, but I hope it gives you an understanding of why it upsets people. And why it is something that needs to be changed. Women are not merely objects, they are not here to entertain men, they are able to enjoy sex, but equally are allowed to say no. Women are allowed to dress how they please, woman should be able to wear as little or as much as they want. They should be able to drink as much or as little as they wish and not worry about falling victim to a crime. Although interestingly – it is more often that women are attacked outside the environment we imagine – they are walking home from work, out jogging, open the door to a stranger. Male privilege is the idea that a man expects to be able to touch a women. That a women is a trophy to be bought with gifts or money. That women are the cause of this, women started this. That a women created the environment where they expect financial reward for men being in their company, touching them, taking things further. I would change the conversation to suggest that men assume that given enough money, they can have and or do as they please. That money is the answer, that women are just another product or service that can be paid for. Which to me, makes it feel that women are not equal in their eyes. That women are just something else to be bought.