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Inspiration in drag

So … I recently wrote a short blog on inspirations and someone that I mentioned on the show a couple of weeks ago is an internationally renowned Drag Artist, Crystal Lubrikunt. I read out a status update from Crystal’s facebook page which was pretty inspirational and I felt it would be right to do a short piece on Crystal. First things first, the following is the quote that I took from Crystals’ page and read on air : 

I’ve never ever had an issue with age, I’ve always thought it was about the soul.

As people we are so pressured to have accomplished certain things in life by certain ages, yes there are those things our bodies progress to reach naturally but when it comes to relationships, goals, family and behaviour? It’s all about the soul and how you FEEL to me. I encourage more people to live like this, your life is your own, if you’re motivated to do something? If you really want to make a particular move or choice but fear age is in your way? Too young, too soon, too old and what-not? As long as everything is legal, who cares? Go for it! I’m 21 and sometimes I feel way ahead of my years, sometimes I feel way behind. Age really is just a number, your soul is limitless.

Thought of the day.

Happy Tuesday! 

I first met Crystal a couple of years ago, in Northampton, preforming as part of House of the Grand Parade, supporting the impossibly talented Joe Black. But I digress, although please check both HOGP and Joe Back out, they are amazing. 


I will be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect, I loved the videos of HOGP and seeing Joe Black was a no brainer. But it was also something completely different. But after the show (which FYI was amazing!) I got chatting to all three members, and was really struck at how down to earth they were. I have always had an odd relationship with those I perceive as ‘famous’ working in a deluxe hotel in London meant i had contact with some high flyers and there was a protocol as to how to treat them, and living in England, we all know we give people space, even if you want to jump up and down at them telling them how much you love them. Just isn’t done – so how do you deal when you realise they are people.

Since then, I have managed to avoid each of Crystal’s visits to Northampton (not through design, bad luck haunts me) but have had plenty of interaction through Facebook. Crystal is funny, down to earth, and always inspiring.


This is why I am writing this, no agenda, nothing more than my wish to tell the word how much I appreciate Crystal. When I wrote in a recent post that inspiring people are all around you, I wasn’t kidding. I often see people complaining about toxic people in their lives, be it real or just on their news feed. I would suggest that you change it up. 

Follow people like Crystal who are positive even when having a rant – its always well thought out, intelligent and thought provoking. Be inspirited by people on your news feed, enjoy their success, and triumph. Celebrate the good times, commiserate the bad ❤