Happy memories

So this is the third blog in my exploration in pregnancy and childhood – I am still planning on exploring breastfeeding and tying up the blogs I have put together with friends and listeners of the show. Now I realise I am asking a lot of you all to keep reading these, I know not all of you will be interested, or find this easy to read. And although the stories have been brutally honest – I wanted to have a blog that looks at the more positive side of having children 🙂


H.H : Kids- watching them learn new things and find wonder in the world is such a precious thing. They may annoy the shit out of me but id kill anyone that tried to hurt them. I’m not a maternal person. I talk to them like adults and won’t hide things from them. They are my friends as well as my devil spawn lol. I spose again rather hallmark like my kids are my reason for living. I still mourn the babies I’ve lost, no matter how short a time I was pregnant with them, there is a hollowness inside caused by the losses. But im so amazingly lucky to have the beauties I have.


T.R : Had my daughter at age 17, had a post partum haemorrhage, post natal depression, had two misscarriages and then an ectopic pregnancy age 23 and Yuen at age 25. Completely failed at breast feeding with both. Have let the Internet raise Yuen as an experiment. He’s mental. He speaks fluent meme though.

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Now, my friend L.M shared some of her experienced – L.M is profoundly deaf so I was curious as to her experiences with being a parent,

L.M : It just means I was constantly observing body language when awake despite being able to hear with hearing aids and very reliant on a shaking pad under my pillow with the baby mointor when asleep. It doesn’t impact for the most part, just finding it difficult to lipread my toddler sometimes when she’s playing on her words or she’s said something I’ve not heard before. But she’s slowly trying to understand that I need more help listening and often alerts me to her little sister and if the doorbell goes. 

I had a signer for my first birth but didn’t bother for 2nd x Makaton is very popular here with babies and toddlers, but I haven’t really done it as I lipread x Molly signs a little,but she’s a talker lol
My 3yrs old, just clocked I have pubic hair, and is currently running around shouting “hairy bum, hairy bum” on repeat and her 17mo sister following her saying “bum, bum, bum!” 😑
What I wanted to remind everyone, is that pregnancy can be hard, you can encounter many obstacles to getting to full term, and labour, childbirth is neither pretty, magical, or clean. But children will make it all worth it. I know, again I am writing this when I have no children. I am blessed with many children in my life, and I am fortunate that my friends are willing to share their experiences with me and the show. I really hope that this is something you have enjoyed reading as much as I have enjoyed writing!

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