Pregnancy myths part 2

So in a recent show we looked at babies and pregnancy, I said before, how blown away I was by what everyone shared with me. There wasn’t room to fit everything in to just one post, or even 2 blog posts! I was over whelmed with what people shared with me, and it did force me to reevaluate what I would be putting out here for you all.

SPD which is also referred to as PGP as it often occurs in pregnancy, can often be mis-diagnosed and wrongly passed off as just part of pregnancy, normal back/lower back pain and on and on. Now I haven’t personally suffered from it, or carried to full term so I cannot fully understand exactly what it feels like. The biggest issues with SPD is that if it is left untreated, there is little you can do if healthcare professionals finally agree on a diagnosis. Once you are within 4 weeks of your due date.. there is no physical intervention available to you, although you should be able to get some advice over the phone on how to best manage symptoms. I am no a medical professional, if you are having any pain during your pregnancy you should discuss it with your health visitor. mid wife or G.P. If you are still getting nowhere, speak to a qualified physio to seek advise on what to do next.


Now here are some more stories shared with me from friends and listeners of the show on their experiences,

L.B : SPD too. The single most painful experience I had with pregnancy and still suffer now!!

S.S : Yep I had this with last full pregnancy and it still hurts now

L.B : I wasn’t diagnosed till late. With RJ it was at 29 weeks so a week before I lost him. With kayleigh it was at 37 weeks and Little Will at 36 weeks.

I still use my crutches on occasion as I just can’t walk sometimes

S.S : Sciatica!!!! One min your walking upright the next your on your knees crying because the pain in your arse cheek is evil. I think that’s what it is its what I was repeatedly told it was

J.B : had that – just one side, couldn’t get out of bed sometimes!

S.S : yep and it happens when you really don’t need it like hot food and drink in the middle of town eat ect

J.B :  Oh yes, and you have to get back home wanting to crawl back but edging yourself along the walls of shops with everyone looking at you no one seeing if you are ok


R.M : All I can say is my pregnancy was horrible. I loved feeling my baby kicking and wriggling around but that’s it. I was sick everyday, I had SPD, I was poorly all of the time I had group b strep and cried for weeks over being told and the ad thing is they only tested me because I kept getting thrush and having high temps. When he was born I had to have a c section. I loved him but not as much as I expected and found I had post natal depression. I couldn’t handle it all. I have this constant struggle between being a loving mummy and not wanting to be a mummy it’s weird. I love my boy so much but I constantly thing I’m doing the wrong things. He’s a good kid but he’s been through his rough patches of being really naughty. He’s also been really poorly since he was born. I became a single parent when he was 1 and a half and that broke me. I know people always say they don’t understand how mothers can complain about having kids but some people just don’t tell the truth or they are living in denial because being a parent is the hardest and most selfless thing you will ever do. No child is the same. You are exhausted all of the time, you don’t have any guidelines to follow apart from feed and love your child lol. You are judged if you work and if you don’t. People will look at your child and what he/she is wearing a rend judge you on it. If you look young people judge you for being a rend young mum and the same if you lol older. It’s madness. I could go on forever. I’ve only put a snippet of it in here x


S.C : Breastfeeding ruined my experience of having a baby under 6 months cause it was so stressful and I never produced enough milk. I would still do it again tho 4th time not sure if that’s just pressure or love x
H.H : Ok pregnancy – with my first I felt very judged by the medical professionals looking after me, not calling me my married name and treating me like a child and forcing pethidine on me when I was in labour. I felt totally unprepared to look after her, didn’t bond with my bump at all but somehow we both survived. With Boo I was scared of losing her from the beginning (I’d already had a couple of early miscarriages by then) but total opposite of first pregnancy I had an amazing midwife and having her throughout my pregnancy, labour and postnatal period made the world of difference. I have to be a bit hallmark and say I felt that instant love when I held them with the first two and j, but really struggled with meg. … Babies, well you never forget the moment you child produces their own bodyweight in korma coloured sour milk smelling shit lol. Breastfeeding I had major issues and lots of guilt. With J I felt like a cow as I was either attached to a pump or feeding him. There is immense pressure as a midwife to promote bf but as a mother you need your midwife to tell you it’s ok if you don’t. I’ve never felt guiltier than when I failed at bf
There are so many things that women face in pregnancy, you have infertility, still birth, miscarriage, PGP, infections, reflux, breast feeding issues, post natal depression. It is however, so important to talk about these things and know that you re not alone. 
However if you have been effected by any of the things that have been mentioned in my last 2 blogs, here are some pages that might be able to help. They are all there to help parents with the loss of a while through neonatal, still birth or miscarriage and beyond. 

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