Love and relationship

So today on the show we looked at love, and relationships – it was quite an interesting show in which we started by looking at why it is also the ‘other’ that gets blamed when a relationship breaks down. Why do people not reflect on their own relationships and try and see what happened, why just dump it on someone else’s doorstep? And moreover, who is to blame… is it the person in the relationship of the intruder in the relationship ? It is horrible to think that someone would deliberately break up a relationship… but then the person may not know that there is a relationship. It is down to context, but I would say that the relationship shouldn’t be so easily broken… if there weren’t already cracks present.


During the show, I asked for happier stories to try and lift the mood somewhat, and I have to say, my faith in humanity was restored- here are some of the stories that were shared :

R.M :So me and my bf frank met about 12 years ago, were friends. His gf at the time was a friend of mine. We all lost touch for about 7 years and last year me and Frank got talking on Twitter ( I hadn’t used it for about 2 years) over the programme house of cards. We then added each other on Facebook we talked about having a catch up as friends. I went to London for a job interview and my train stopped in Crewe and I had a good few hours to wait for my connection to Liverpool so me being me cheekily said why don’t you pick me up and we can go for a few drinks somewhere. We ended up getting drinks from a McDonald’s drive thru and talking in a car park for ages. Then he took me home. I said you may as well come in and have a coffee before heading home. We ended up talking till 5 am about everything and anything. He turned to me and said I may be reading the signals wrong but I think we should kiss so we did. He went home the next day and came back and took me and my little boy to the cinema and we have been inseparable since. He asked me to be his gf (I told him he would have to ask) and I said yes. Up until this relationship I didn’t know what it was to be in a happy relationship. He stole my heart with his smile and makes me laugh every day. I have had relationships where I felt like I was in love only to be miserable but now I’m so happy I could burst. Oh and I spoke to my friend who is happily engaged and had no problems with me and Frank being together. And we recently celebrated our year anniversary.


P.R : (Paula had a much needed delivery of chocolates left on her doorstep) I had pms and he had a really terrible chest infection and a cold he didn’t want my kids to catch so drove about 10 miles feeling like death to find a 24 hour supermarket and another 5 miles just to leave it on my doorstep. He waited until he home to tell me it was there.I get a text every morning to remind me I’m beautiful and that he’s thinking about me with something equally precious when he’s falling asleep. He treats me as if I’m made of gold and all of this after leaving a husband who has abused me for the last 10 years and convinced me I was ugly and worthless. Such a lucky lass to have found a beautiful fella who thinks as much of me as I do him… and he’s 6’4! I lose my mind over his height because I’m 5ft which he thinks is perfect. We finish each other’s sentences and all that corny shite too xxx


L.E : Me and my partner have been together nearly 3 years and he still makes me smile everyday, he cares for me and tells me he loves me, he washes the pots and cleans the house after a long day at work because he says I shouldn’t cook and clean, and we woke up this morning and had a finger lightsaber fight in bed, and fell about laughing, when you find love like that you can’t go wrong.


T.B :  Me and joe have been together for 8 years, we met in really dark circumstances (suicide of a friend) but hit it off straight away, the weirdest part of our story is that when I was 11 and moved to my city we met! We remember meeting each other at his mums gym but didn’t meet again despite hanging out with all the same people (just at different times) throughout our teenage years! He’s amazing, he’s been there through some tough times in my life and has given me a beautiful son.
I don’t have much family and he only has his mum for family so we are each other’s family! It’s crazy how when the time is right… It will happen.
He still makes me laugh, still gives me butterflies and I can’t imagine life without him! our relationship started during such a bad point in my life that he saw me at my worst and now knows even better now to help me get through tough times, he’s my opposite in star sign, we are pretty much each other’s balance, he taught me to be more tough and strong and I taught him to be more loving and calm, he helps me think logically and rationally and I help him open his imagination when he needs it.

When you find someone who you can or have been through so much with… It’s a beautiful thing.


The show started off in a negative place, with one of our listeners sharing a situation that she is in currently. Her friend is going through a divorce and his wife has cited her in the papers. She is just friends and of course it brought up questions of not only why it is the ‘other’ party that is blamed, but why women are so cruel.  The reason we are specifically targeting women is … well we are women so it is difficult to know what a man’s thought process is. But thank you to the above posters sharing their stories, it turned the show around and really helped bring a little positivity into the proceedings! Thank you so much for reading, listening and getting involved!

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