Trick …. or treat ?

It is that time of year, when the nights draw in, the fire goes on, we start getting in pumpkins… and put candles in the window to ward off… oh is that just me?

Now I know that many of you believe that Halloween is an American import, but originated with the Catholic Church and Soul Cake day when beggars could go and ask for food in exchange for prayers. This then became an excuse for young men to knock on doors and ask the same – if turned away, they would ‘trick’ the house with a prank.


No I am well aware that not everyone does celebrate or appreciate people coming around for a number of reasons. In recent years there has been a drive to identify if a household is participating. This is one sign that you can print and display near your door :

A lot of trick & treaters only stop at houses that have some form of decoration out, which is something to bear in mind as well.But again you can also pin up a sign as I realise that decorating for Halloween is not everyone’s cup of pumpkin juice:)

If you are going to get in some treats for people knocking on your door, what do you get in? It can feel like a minefield with allergies, and tastes, and how much to offer children.

h sweets

In recent years there has been an increase in themed sweets and treats on offer – things like gummy sweets, lolly pops and chocolates repackaged for Halloween. Always make sure that they are individually packaged. I noticed this year that there are also themed bags of crisps which is of course another option for children.

h crisp

However, it is important to remember that some people do have dietary restrictions, and this will limit what they will be able to accept, but that shouldn’t exclude them.

There are a few ways you can do this, for example there are a number of different ‘free from’ ranges available now, I personally keep a stash of Nakd bars at all time. For personal consumption. But I am willing to part with some in extenuating circumstances.

You can also offer fruit as well – believe it or not, some children actually prefer fruit to sweets 🙂

But something else I do, is pick up little trinkets – the sort of thing that would would put in as a party favour. I would make sure that they are safe for younger children before handing them out.

If you are feeling organised, you can also make up bags for the children with a little of everything, which you can then give out and it will be a nice surprise for them.

It is worth checking with the adult before handing out anything, in case there are allergies etc as it is always easier to not give the child something in the first place, than take it away!

And remember :


We will be discussing Halloween, what you can do to celebrate, things going on, and more on Secklow Sounds, 31st October, 12 – 14:00 🙂

Happy Halloween everyone!!

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