Halloween Makeup Ideas #1

So a friend recently asked if I could put together a simple makeup look for her son – who currently is on the fence about whether he wants to be a vampire or a zombie – so here is my simple walk through 🙂

So to being with, we are starting with a simple zombie look, using cream colours, picked up in a store (I bought mine from a Pound shop) and some cheap velvet lipstick. You can use any, I prefer to use lipstick as it will dry and stay put whereas the more traditional fake blood will keep moving around, and this isn’t ideal especially if you are making up a child 🙂

20151018_155734  20151018_160247


Start off with a bare face, but clean, you don’t want anything interfering with the makeup as it needs to dry on the skin so it doesn’t move later on.


Now i personally put a little of the cream on the back of my hand, and apply from there, I put a pea sized amount on, and it was more than enough. I use my fingers to apply, which means i am not loosing any to being absorbed into a sponge, but it really is personal preference. I will say using your fingers does lend itself to this makeup as you don’t really want an even colour for the newly risen/walking dead 🙂


This is the first layer of makeup, the lighting isn’t fantastic, i keep forgetting how quickly it gets dark so there wasn’t a lot of natural light available!

Next step is to add black – now I use this in the same as one might contour – basically I use it under the cheek bones, the side of the nose to the side of the chin, on the temples and then around the eyes for the sunken look.

20151018_160059  20151018_160057

The next step is the fun one – ADDING THE RED! Now I chose to use a cream colour first as these will all dry on the skin and not budge. This is applied along the side of the mouth and chin, down and onto the neck – trying to imagine where blood would drip really. I apply a little to the eyes, and then any open wounds as well. You can really have fun with this! (see my neck)

20151018_160220  20151018_160212

And lastly, I use my velvet lipstick – I would normally use a darker shade, but it was sadly unavailable to me at this time – so please just use your imagination! But all I do is apply over the red around the lower lip to add a little more depth and colour, and a tiny bit again around the eyes.

Et voila!



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